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Simone’s paper is accepted for publication in Frontiers in Physiology

September 7, 2018

Simone Rossi’s paper on modeling electrical impulse propagation in the atria has been accepted for publication! The citation is:

S. Rossi, S. Gaeta, B.E. Griffith, and C.S. Henriquez. Muscle Thickness and Curvature Influence Atrial Conduction Velocities. Frontiers in Physiology. Accepted for publication

Congratulations, Simone!

Hellos and Goodbyes

August 1, 2018

In July, we welcomed two new postdoctoral researchers to the group: Saad Qadeer, who just finished his PhD in Applied Mathematics at UC-Berkeley, and David Wells, who is joining us from an RTG Postdoctoral Fellowship at RPI. Welcome to UNC!

We also said goodbye to Charles Puelz, who is starting a position as a Courant Instructor at NYU in the Fall, and to Michael Chambers, who is resuming his MD program at UNC. Good luck, Charles and Mike!

New award on modeling atrial fibrillation

July 23, 2018

We are trilled to announce that we just received notification of a new $2.8M research award on developing multiscale models of blood clotting in atrial fibrillation through the NIH-led multiagency Predictive Multiscale Models for Biomedical, Biological, Behavioral, Environmental and Clinical Research program. The project team includes investigators at Duke University (PI: Craig Henriquez) and the University of Utah (PI: Aaron Fogelson).


June 15, 2018

Charles Puelz gave a talk at the 2018 ECCM-ECFD meeting in Glasgow, Scotland on our recent work on whole-heart modeling. The title of his talk was Immersed boundary finite element hyperelastic heart model.

May 2018 Graduation

May 13, 2018

Congratulations to Elijah DeLee and Raveena Kshatriya, who both graduated in May. Elijah received his BS in Applied Mathematics with Highest Honors and Highest Distinction, and Raveena received her BA with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Elijah will be working at RedHat in Raleigh, and Raveena is off to AIG in Charlotte. Good luck!

Elijah DeLee defends his honors thesis

April 9, 2018

Elijah DeLee defended his undergraduate honors thesis, Assessing the Scalability of Parallel Programs: Case studies from IBAMR, on Friday, April 6. Elijah will be graduating with honors in May. Congratulations, Elijah!


March 6, 2018

Several group members will be presenting their research at this weekend’s SIAM SEAS conference at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Ben Vadala-Roth is speaking on IB models of incompressible elasticity in MS 22: Biological Fluid-Structure Interaction Systems at Low to Intermediate Reynolds Numbers at noon on Saturday.

Mike Lee is speaking on FSI models of bioprosthetic heart valves in MS 23: Innovations in Biomechanical Modeling of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiology at 11:40 on Saturday.

Charlie Talbot is speaking about his work on developing peridynamic models of soft biological materials in MS 26: Advances in Applied Mathematics.

In addition, Aaron Barrett is presenting a poster on his work on numerical methods for FSI in complex (polymeric) fluids, and Charles Puelz and Margaret Anne Smith are presenting a poster on their work on developing a new FSI heart model.

Aaron Barrett completes his oral exam

February 13, 2018

Congratulations to Aaron Barrett, who successfully completed his oral qualifying exam on numerical methods for fluid-structure interaction in complex (viscoelastic) fluid environments!