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Several group members will be presenting their research at this weekend’s SIAM SEAS conference at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Ben Vadala-Roth is speaking on IB models of incompressible elasticity in MS 22: Biological Fluid-Structure Interaction Systems at Low to Intermediate Reynolds Numbers at noon on Saturday.

Mike Lee is speaking on FSI models of bioprosthetic heart valves in MS 23: Innovations in Biomechanical Modeling of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiology at 11:40 on Saturday.

Charlie Talbot is speaking about his work on developing peridynamic models of soft biological materials in MS 26: Advances in Applied Mathematics.

In addition, Aaron Barrett is presenting a poster on his work on numerical methods for FSI in complex (polymeric) fluids, and Charles Puelz and Margaret Anne Smith are presenting a poster on their work on developing a new FSI heart model.

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