Simone Rossi’s paper is accepted

August 16, 2017

Simone Rossi’s paper on extending the mondomain and bidomain models describing excitation propagation in cardiac muscle has been accepted for publication!

S. Rossi and B. E. Griffith. Incorporating inductances in tissue-scale models of cardiac electrophysiology. Chaos. Accepted for publication

Congratulations, Simone!

Ali Hasan’s paper is accepted

May 24, 2017

Ali Hasan’s paper from his undergraduate thesis work on image-based modeling of the aortic root has been accepted for publication!

A. Hasan, E. M. Kolahdouz, A. Enquobahrie, T. G. Caranasos, J. P. Vavalle, and B. E. Griffith. Image-based immersed boundary model of the aortic root. Med Eng Phys. Accepted for publication

Congratulations, Ali!